Mr. Pickles Series Could Be The Next Best Thing… Do You Agree?

Mr. Pickles is the bastard, tortured child of Superjail!, Moral Orel, and Clifford, the Big, Red Dog. It’s the Rob Zombie’s Lassie movie that I never knew I wanted, and the full series is set to premiere this fall, on Adult Swim.

I just finished watching the pilot, and it’s great. The dialogue is raunchy and witty, and the sight gags are numerous. While I’m a fan of a lot of different styles of comedy, Mr. Pickles looks to be one of those series that fires off about a thousand jokes a minute. This type of show is often criticized as “ADHD comedy” for “people with no attention spans,” with critics often ignoring the humor of the show entirely. While it’s not perfect (and no pilot usually ever is), this parody of small town life will be on my “to-watch” list this fall.

Also, and it’s a small bit, but the best joke of the entire pilot comes when the father corrects his wife’s assumption that he is a “telemarketer,” by assuring her that he is a “salesman.” The show seems to be full of scenes of carnage, reminiscent of Metalocaplyse, but I really hope it maintains that kind of clever, quiet funny.

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  • Funny. Fantastic, twisted, creative. Misogynistic. WTF. Female with a sense of humor here. Really. One of my fav-yet-horribly-sexist jokes: Eden, “Where’s Eve?” “Taking a bath in the river” “Oh, no, now the fish are gonna…” (If you don’t know it, figure it out.) But:

    I’ll be perfectly happy seeing clearly-defined body outlines of cartoon females that include nipples when guys’ penises and testicles are outlined as clearly in the same cartoon. What bullsh#t. And the vag product in the open case of the woman who comes to the door? Only funny beCAUSE it’s a vag product? What bullsh#t. Pure woman-hate/fear misogyny. Same with the sheriff’s sister’s pose. Gosh, how funny. Meeting her tw#t-first. W.T.F.

    What WAS, in my opinion, sexist but acceptable AND funny: Everything else about the mom–all the innuendo, the doggy and sheriff lust and double-entendre.