Shelly D’Inferno Interview: The Mad Max Fashionista

Shelly d'Inferno

Tell me about what you offer as far as products, custom work, etc.?
I can do custom orders of anything from scratch pattern cutting work, to remaking an old jacket you’re sick of. There really are no limits! My favorite order would be when someone goes, “Here, have this and turn it into something new.” I’ve always enjoyed seeing what can become of something unwanted!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
It has to be discussing an order for days and then the person stops replying as they must’ve decided they’re not interested anymore. Don’t waste my time!

shelly d'inferno - Model - Sarah PettipieceModel – Sarah Pettipiece

How would you describe your aesthetic? Has it evolved over time?
Oh yes! There is so much more I can do now, so in some way I have a bigger “understanding” in what a garment can become. Even though sometimes I have to admit I have no idea what I’m supposed to be making out of some things. And I can keep remaking it until I’m like. Yeaaah thaaaats the one!

I couldn’t really describe my aesthetic, it’s so varied, I love the style of so many things. But maybe I just described it? Varied.

shelly d'inferno - Laura Reagan PhotographyPhoto credit: Laura Reagan Photography

Top career moments so far?
When it comes to my clothing my top moment so far was when I sat down and viewed the fashion videos I collaborated on with Loki Films. I was pretty amazed at how cool they ended up and how the character I wanted to portray was so perfected by our teamwork. Go view them on Youtube!

shelly d'inferno - heavenly inferno

How would you describe your personal style?
Punk rocker with a taste of Mad Max, witches, bohemian zombies… Yeah that sounds about right.

shelly d'inferno - Credits: Model - Maja Stina; Photographer - Andrena PhotographyModel – Maja Stina; Photo credit – Andrena Photography

Fashion is a very competitive industry, have you ever had moments where you wanted to quit?
No never! I never ever, EVER felt that way about what I do, simply because I was never in it for the industry and the money. It has always been just the joy of creating and making it available to people IF they want it. It wasn’t until this year I could go full-time as a fashion designer. At first I had another full-time job, after that another part-time job, and now finally things have gone so well that I can do this every day.

Because I’ve always had that view on making clothes, I think about how lucky I am almost every day!

shelly d'inferno

What tips would you give to a budding fashion designer?
Love what you do, do what you love. This will energize you more than money will!

Do you have any upcoming plans for your designs in 2014?
Lots more post-apocalyptic style garments made from… rubbish! You heard it… I’m preparing for the apocalypse. And there will be a video.

shelly d'inferno - Siren Sycho Photographer: Andrena PhotographyModel – Siren Sycho; Photo credit – Andrena Photography

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