Halo: Faith – Exclusive Screen Shot & Interview With Director Jared Pelletier

Halo: Faith (2011)

11. Did you work with Bungie and get the Wireframe specs to get the weapons so accurate?

Jared PelletierWe didn’t work with them directly, but we had one of the concept artists from Bungie working with us to do the guns and the Covenant as well. We actually have a new gun as well, used by the Blue Spartan in the movie. It’s kind of a hybrid between the typical assault riffle and this really powerful, not quite a rocket launcher, but, well, you’ll see when the movie comes out.

What’s the specific name for it?

I believe it’s the M3Z [pause] A (laughs) or M3ZB. It’s a name we came up with. It’s essentially to go along with the fact that the Spartans in the movie are using prototype armor and we were going to throw in a prototype weapon that didn’t get through development – essentially because it was too powerful.

12. To satisfy all the nerd boners out there, is Cortana in this?

No (laughs). No she’s not. No female characters in this one, but we’re still in talks to do two sequels to this and the second movie would focus on two female Spartans. It wouldn’t be the next movie, but we might throw it in there.

Any dream casting for that?

Hmm, maybe that chick from the newest Transformers movie [Rosie Huntington-Whiteley].

13. What’s the main plot of your short?

It’s essentially about Reach, the first offensive from the planet and these three Spartans are sent out to defend these Maxiamins that are descending the atmosphere. They have to defend them on the planet, and if they’re destroyed, then the atmosphere can be infiltrated by the Convenant. It’s about them defending Reach before they’re destroyed.

14. Can you tell us about the exclusive image that you gave us?

It’s a pretty simple clip, but in the background there’s smoke billowing and on the Spartan’s helmet you see plasma blasts flying across the screen. The scene was inspired by the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan.

15. Is there anything that you haven’t been asked that you’d like to mention?

One thing that hasn’t come up yet, and I’m really surprised, is 3-D – and we are actually working with some 3-D conversion techniques. If they’re good enough, there’s going to be a 3-D release.

16. When is the short coming out?

November 20th is the scheduled date right now.

17. Where can fans see it?

It’s going to be on Machinima’s YouTube channel, but we’re looking at a number of different venues for the premiere; two just outside Toronto, one in Philadelphia, and one in Berlin.

18.How deep into the Covenent story are you getting into?

We aren’t going much into that. I didn’t want to portray them the way they are in the game, so that’s different. They’re being portrayed as being a lot scarier, kind of the way we’d see them if they landed on Earth tomorrow. We took that into account not only with the way they behave, but also with the way they look; they do look different from the way they do in the games, but they’re still recognizable.

Are there any political undertones in the film?

Not so much, no. It’s an action movie with some dramatic, almost, not quite, but almost some art house-type element to it. We don’t know much about the lead character, the main Spartan, but we try to show that he’s more human than this genetically altered human. We try to show that in some of the shots, but we don’t go out and say it and we don’t have him express it in any way, we just try to portray that through the shot selection.

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