How Attitude Impacts Financial Decision Making

Some negative financial situations can be put down to pure luck. An unforeseen economic crash or a natural disaster can decimate assets and leave their owners high and dry. However, a great deal of fiscal success or failure is down to attitude. In this article, we explore how your attitude can make a difference to your finances and how you can adjust your outlook to give yourself a better chance of growing your wealth. 

Have Patience 

The most successful investors understand how to wait for the right time. Always take the opportunity to weigh up the pros and cons of any financial move and avoid the temptation to make snap decisions just because something looks like a good deal at face value. Everything you do with your money must be considered, not rushed, as there is always the risk of hidden pitfalls. Gradually, you’ll learn to recognize when to act and when to take your time. For example, if you’ve invested in a cryptocurrency, you may be tempted to withdraw all funds the moment there is a spike. However, if you have no immediate need to release the capital that is tied up in that investment, why not wait and see what happens next? The currency might be on a significant upward trajectory, and there may be a time in the next five years when your investment has reached an even higher value. 


You should never rush ahead blindly without pausing for reflection occasionally. Try to set aside time once a month or so to look at what your money is doing and where it may be able to perform better. Avoid paying for anything you don’t use, and put effort into finding better deals where possible. Remortgage property at the right time in order to release a little equity. Refinance or consolidate student loans to take advantage of adjustments to repayment terms and interest rates. If you like to donate to charity, try to consider where your money will make the most difference and implement regular changes to ensure the most positive impact possible. 

Practice Future Planning 

We all crave some degree of instant gratification, which is why it’s so tempting to go out and treat yourself directly after enjoying a financial windfall. However, if you’re the type of person who is always looking to the future, you may be more inclined to think of ways in which that cash can work for you in the months or years to come. Just because your bank statement is looking healthy now, it doesn’t mean that you’ll always be in this position. While you should enjoy financial comfort when you have it, you should consider making smart investments or opening a savings account so that you can enjoy your money for longer. 

Build a Healthy Relationship with Risk 

It’s important to always make sensible decisions. However, being sensible doesn’t always mean sitting back and avoiding risk. If you are confident that the payoff of a certain investment or venture will be significant, and that the likelihood of success is not too remote, you may decide that the more sensible approach is to take the risk. After all, in most cases, higher stakes mean a more significant reward. If you never take a risk, you’ll be very unlikely to move forward financially. 

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