Small Town Titans Breaks Hearts With “Dragonfly”

Once in a while a hard rock/heavy metal lays its heart bare and puts out a sentimental song that pulls on the old heart strings. So is the case with Small Town Titans and lead vocalist Phil Freeman on the song “Dragonfly.” As you can read in the description on YouTube, the song is a tribute to Phil’s mom who recently lost a three-year battle with cancer.

[sic] This song was written for my mother. She passed away in February of 2017 after a 3 year battle with cancer. She loved dragonflies which happen to have deep spiritual significance in many traditions and cultures, representing love, freedom of spirit, and compassion. She embodied all of these qualities…The intent of this song is to celebrate her life and bring a little light & love to anyone who may be dealing with the grief of losing someone to illness. She was and is an amazing soul, and I hope this song captures a tiny glimmer of her spirit for the person listening to it.


Rock Hard \m/

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