Teenage Wrist Releases Another Single, “Dweeb”

On March 9th, Teenage Wrist will release their debut album, Chrome Neon Jesus. Have no fear; the band has released the third single from the album, so there is plenty of material for you to drool over. Check out the new song, “Dweeb,” here on Yell! Magazine. You’ll love this song at once if you’re a fan of early indie rock.

Recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Carlos De La Garza (Paramore, Jimmy Eat World), Chrome Neon Jesus explores emotional terrain that guitarist/vocalist Marshall Gallagher describes as “realiz[ing] the world is bigger, brighter and more terrifying than you ever imagined.”

teenage wrist

About “Dweeb,” Gallagher said:

That song and the record in general in my mind is about growing up and realizing that the world around you isn’t necessarily the one that you thought it would be.

Rock Hard \m/

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