Metal From Mumbai, India! Meet Overhung

Canadian label, Test Your Metal Records, recently signed the Mumbai rockers, Overhung. Yes, if you can believe it, there’s a rock scene in India, and Overhung are making some noize with their hyper, overtly sexualized music found on their 2016 album, Moving Ahead.

It is said that Moving Ahead is an electrifying 10 tracks ready to blast from the stereo speakers and give fans that classic glam rock ‘n’ roll feel of the ‘70s and ‘80s. In their native country of India, the Mumbai rock band has been garnering praise along with their straight-to-the-point lyrics about sex and more sex that they feel is still a topic too taboo to be spoken of.

Moving Ahead will be distributed in North America in 2018 (date to be determined) by Test Your Metal Records, along with a new single to be released by the band entitled “King of Dreams” at a later date.

Overhung vocalist Sujit Kumar said:

We at Overhung are really excited with the association with Test Your Metal Records. For a band that functions from different parts of the globe, Overhung has continued to write, record, release, and tour every year. Just as the album title, Moving Ahead, suggests, we’ve constantly mov[ing] ahead in some way or the other. Looking forward to taking the debauchery to North American shores.

overhung moving ahead album cover

Influenced by Poison, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin, guitarist Howard Pereira describes their sound as “loud, fun, sex, rum… rock ‘n’ roll! We are about devolution not evolution! We are still doing late ‘80s and ‘90s rock!”

Have a listen to Overhung’s “You Think You’re So Cool” and decide for yourself whether or not you like them. It’s fun, and the sound has a catchy rawness to it that sounds like mid-to-late ‘70s punk, but I don’t think this is anything I’d buy.

Rock Hard \m/

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