Because Mental Health Is Important: Vespera Release “Paradise”

Vespera has teamed up with Alternative Press, as well as The Jed Foundation, to start a dialogue on suicide, addiction, and general mental health. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 15 to 24 (source: The Jed Foundation). Conditions like depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders, especially when they are untreated, increase the risk of suicide (source: The Jed Foundation).

Though the statistics are compelling, the stigma surrounding mental illness still exists. With his op-ed essay and release of “Paradise,” featuring Spencer Sotelo of Periphery, vocalist Jonathan Wolfe seeks to break down the walls and share his story in hopes that others will find the confidence to continue the conversation. Additionally, Wolfe went through direct training with The Jed Foundation to learn how to tackle these issues and communicate with his friends/fans on the subject.

Wolfe stated:

So many of us suffer through our addictions and depression in silence and shame, I just want people to realize that they aren’t alone. I want people to have a safe place to talk about what goes on in their minds without being judged or ridiculed. Maybe if we end the stigma, so many of us won’t feel so isolated. I hope my story will help push the conversation of mental health in the right direction.

To learn more, please take a moment to read Wolfe’s op-ed essay in full at Alternative Press.

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