Poor Agnes’ First Official Trailer

Last summer we had the opportunity to screen the Navin Ramaswaran-directed gem, Poor Agnes. Today, December 8th, the film’s first official trailer is released to help promote the film as it begins its theatrical tour and continues its festival run. As well, the movie will be released on iTunes and VOD sometime in early spring 2018.

Poor Agnes tells the story of its titular character, played by Lora Burke, a vicious psychopath. Her talent, discipline, and willpower are impressive, but her lack of empathy has led her down a path of violence and murder, which leads to Mike Mercer (Robert Notman), a private investigator researching a cold case. His investigation leads him to Agnes. Agnes captures Mike, keeping him locked in her basement. She then begins a regimen of brutal psychological torture meant to brainwash him into a state of total compliance.

And there’s much more to this story than we’re willing to reveal! You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

Rock Hard \m/

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