Day Of The Dead: Bloodline Reveals Red Band Trailer And New Key Art

Last time we brought you news about director Hèctor Hernández Vicens’ reimagining of George A. Romero’s 1985 classic, Day of the Dead, we said that the verdict is still out. As the January 5th release date nears, and as new promotional material emerges, such as today’s red band trailer and new key art, things are looking favorable for the blood-soaked Day of the Dead: Bloodline.

Judging from the trailer, this movie looks like it was filmed in a pool of blood. As good as it looks, I’m having a hard time letting go of the fact that the last time I checked HMMWVs don’t have a key ignition, which may or may not kill a scene.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline stars Johnathon Schaech (Legends of Tomorrow, Prom Night), Sophie Skelton (Outlander, 211<.em>), Marcus Vanco (The Shannara Chronicles, Unbroken), and Jeff Gum (The Forgiven, Primal). The film was written by Mark Tonderai (House at the End of the Street, Hush) and Lars Jacobson (Baby Blues).

Saban Films will be releasing Day of the Dead: Bloodline in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on January 5th.

day of the dead bloodline poster

Day of the Dead: Bloodline Synopsis:

Day of the Dead: Bloodline is set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled world where a former med school student is tormented by a dark figure from her past. The only thing is, he’s a half-human, half-zombie hell-bent on destroying her world.

Rock Hard \m/

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