Too Close To Touch Release “Before I Cave In”

So, Lexington, Kentucky’s Too Close to Touch released the really super clever video (note the sarcasm) for the song, “Before I Cave In.” So, I started watching it, and it seemed mildly interesting, and the song wasn’t anything original or Earth-moving, so when I saw that YouTube margin giving me the option to check out Bruce Dickinson’s 1981 full audition tape for Iron Maiden, well, my interest strayed pretty quickly.

too close to touch moustacheYes, it’s Movember, but this is really fucking unnecessary!

Here’s the Dickinson clip:

If you’re still here for the Too Close to Touch news, here’s what the hipster band had to say about their song and video:

We’re happy to share our new single, ’Before I Cave In’ — a dark and emotive song that was cathartic for us to write. We wanted to push ourselves to try something new for this music video and explore making a light-hearted visual that was the polar opposite of that. [This sentence makes no sense. I know what you guys are trying to say, but c’mon!] Sometimes humor and the ability to laugh at yourself is the best form of self-medication.

too close to touch drummerSure, you’re in a band, but you still might want to reconsider how you present yourself at work.

Too Close To Touch celebrate another successful year after performing this summer on the Vans Warped Tour, a U.S. tour with Issues, and a virtually sold-out co-headline tour with Waterparks.

Rock Hard \m/

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