Egrets on Ergot Channels Indie Rock And Roger Corman

Egrets on Ergot released their debut album, Surfeit of Gemütlich, on October 27th, via Cleopatra Records. Also, the band premiered the video for “Sister, Please.” Check it out on this page and hopefully you’ll understand the references in the title.

Now, don’t get me wrong, having only heard this song there seems to be a lot to like about Egrets on Ergot. It’s definitely not heavy metal, and that’s ok, not all good music is metal, just like not all metal is good. However, it’s a little misleading when certain press outlets say that the band has “big, mean guitars” in the same sentence as saying the band is “post-punk.” It’s also a bit deceptive to say that the band is “one of the most promising and original acts” or that they’re “hard to pigeonhole.”

egrets on ergot

First of all, whomever wrote that they guitars are “big” and “mean” has never, ever listened to a guitar-based band in his life… and I’m not even getting into the metal genre here. Secondly, for someone else to say that Egrets on Ergot are “original” and “hard to pigeonhole”… are you kidding me? Have you only started listening to music in the last decade? The only thing that might be original is the blending of the jazzy, beatnik-era saxophone over the indie rock music. And hard to pigeonhole? Really? Maybe you’ve never heard of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Joy Division, Minutemen… shit, even the material on Nirvana’s Incesticide is indie/noise rock similar to what critics are perpetuating as “original” from Egrets on Ergot.

Alas, the critics sound like hipsters making stupid comments about a band that appears to be the apex of hipsterdom.

So no, “critics,” your “only big in LA indie rock band” is NOT original and does not play “big, mean guitars.” If you’re a music fan looking for a band paying homage to every indie rock band to exist since the ‘70s, then check out Egrets on Ergots, but no regrets if ya fergots.

Oh, and what’s with the gay sex in the video? Jane’s Addiction might have said it best, “Nothing’s Shocking.”

Rock Hard \m/

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