Small Town Titans Deal With Monsters On New Track

York, Pennsylvania, has a heavy hard rock band to shout about in Small Town Titans. The three piece has recently released their latest track, “Me, Myself, and Monster,” which is “about accepting and striking balance with the darkest parts of oneself. Anyone who says they could never commit an evil deed is probably the first person that will, at some point, blindly and ignorantly commit it. Once you acknowledge your ability to become a monster, that’s the path to becoming a better person,” according to Phil Freeman.

The first thing you’ll notice about the track is the production, which is surprisingly good considering it comes from the band’s basement studio. The sound is rich, full, and really bassy. Although achieving this has become fairly common among three piece, and even two piece, bands, it’s still something takes skill.

The second thing you’ll notice is the lack of a substantial guitar solo. There’s something there filling in for a guitar solo, and it’s kinda like solo foreplay, but nothing is ever delivered. It might be just me, but Small Town Titans could benefit from adding a lead guitarist to its lineup.

small town titans

The basement studio is another interesting thing about this band. Using it as a means to attack the current expectations and consumption habits of music listeners, Small Town Titans is able to record and release (as well as host podcasts and online live concerts) without having to conform to releasing in the longplayer format. If you ask me, I still prefer listening to albums rather than individual songs. Even without an album concept, song selection and order is an artform in itself and has its place in music presentation.

So, while I appreciate what the band is trying to do in this confusing era for the music industry, there are certain conventions that I think need to remain.

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