Blood Money Unveils New “Run” Clip

I’ll be honest, I think John Cusack is amazing. From his genuine disposition to his killer monologues, he’s fantastic to watch. And aside from his angst-ridden rom-coms and pop culture satire, he has a penchant for making horror (1408, Cell) and thriller films (Identity, The Raven). Sure, his film choices can be hit or miss, and a lot of that can depend upon whether or not you like him.

Nonetheless, Cusack has a new film on the way. Directed by Lucky McKee, Blood Money will be released on October 13th, and stars Cusack, Ellar Coltrane, Willa Fitzgerald, and Jacob Artist. Check out the clip off to the side and the trailer below.

Blood Money Synopsis:

Three friends on a wilderness excursion must outrun a white collar criminal hell-bent on retrieving his cash, but soon their greed turns them against each other.

Rock Hard \m/

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