Memphis May Fire Sing Of Hope On “That’s Just Life”

Memphis May Fire sing a message of hope and light on their new track and video, “That’s Just Life.” So, if you’re down and need a little help through musical therapy, then this new track might be what you need to get you through the day.

The Bryson Roatch-directed video pays homage to many previous videos styles that use sign boards to convey a broader message, such as those by INXS (“Mediate”) and Van Halen (“Right Now”). It’s tried and tested, and it works.

Speaking of Van Halen, I couldn’t help but notice an Eddie influence on Kellen McGregor’s playing. Oddly, it’s not the overt style that made Eddie famous that I hear in Kellen’s playing, but rather the subtle styles found on the much lauded Van Halen III, and more specifically the track “Year to the Day” from that album.

“That’s Just Life” can be found on Memphis May Fire’s latest album, This Light I Hold.

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