Athanasia Tackle Substance Abuse On “White Horse”

Athanasia crush it on their new, third release, “White Horse,” from their upcoming album, The Order of the Silver Compass.

As I’ve said before, the band plays a crazy blend of new-era heavy metal with an old-school thrash metal combined with black metal. However, unlike previous releases, Athanasia takes a stab at the ‘80s power ballad with “White Horse.” But it’s not the usual theme of boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy pledges his undying love to girl, girl breaks boys heart. No, sir, this track deals with a much more serious topic. Athanasia explains:

’White Horse’ was written after watching too many of our friends and family members getting sucked into the vacuum of substance abuse and spat out as a shell of who they once were. This song is for anybody who’s ever lost somebody to addiction.

The video for “White Horse” was directed by Matt Zane and is the third single off of The Order of the Silver Compass.


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