Die So Fluid Release The New Track, “Bittersweet”

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Los Angeles/London-based rock band, Die So Fluid, has released “Bittersweet,” the debut single taken from their long-awaited fifth album, One Bullet From Paradise. Produced by Drew Richards, “Bittersweet” sounds like L.A.-polished sleaze-metal-gone-clean.

Have yourself a listen on Souncloud.

Grog commented on the track:

Bittersweet is an alter ego who came to life as I wrote the song. Part me, part fictional, she embodies all the stuff I like about many of my fave female TV, film, and graphic novel characters. She makes a statement about embracing yourself as you are, thorns ‘n’ all. She’s kick ass but not psycho, sexy and clever, fun and darkly deep. She parties hard and rocks her talents hard.


About Die So Fluid:

After a year of turmoil and tragedy in 2016 — which saw the sudden and unexpected death of their beloved friend and drummer, Al Fletcher — the remaining two band members Grog and Mr Drew stepped back to contemplate not only the meaning of life, but [also] the meaning of their band, their music and their future.

Al had been a huge part of Die So Fluid’s sound. He’d won a Grammy for his drumming and his finesse, thunder, power, enthusiasm, and creativity, [which] always enhanced the band’s rough, tough, soaring, bittersweet rock songs.

At the time of his death, Grog and Mr Drew had written a bunch of songs for a new album but nothing had been recorded. After a period of reflection they went back to the drawing board. They had a lot more to say.

They wrote new songs. No holds barred. Harder, heavier, faster, punkier. No filler. No fat. No fucking around. Life is short. Why wait for tomorrow.

Rock Hard \m/

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