Redwolves Are Rockin’ On “Got You On My Mind”

Denmark has been in the news recently, but more for their Trump-like candidate than for anything good… like, say, the Copenhagen-based hard rock band, Redwolves.

Check out their track “Got You On My Mind” in the player off to the side. It’s got loads of hard rock mixed with huge melody and strong punk rock underpinnings.

About Redwolves:

Redwolves started out as Awesome Mr. Powerwolf in 2012, and they played a bunch of national shows carrying this moniker. The band had to change their name to Redwolves in 2014, when the label, Nuclear Blast, found their name to be too similar to Powerwolf, a German powermetal band in its roster. Somehow the name change fueled the band with fire, more shows were played and new songs were written. This hard work is now skillfully distilled into Redwolves’ brand new EP, Walking Roads, which was produced by Jakob Reichert Nielsen (Rising, Lack a.o.). The EP is a collection of four powerful heavy rock ‘n’ roll songs, that will blow your ears, body, and brains away.

The band features the talents of Rasmus Cundell (vocals), Simon Stenbæk (guitar), Nicholas Randy Tesla (bass), and Kasper Rebien (drums).

redwolves 2017 promo image

For more information about Redwolves, visit their website at:

Rock Hard \m/

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