Red Queen Amp Up The Sex Appeal On “Insidious”

Las Vegas-based hard rock/heavy metal band Red Queen has released the official music video for “Insidious,” from their debut EP, Star Blood.

If I’m going to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure what to make of Red Queen. One the one hand, the music here sounds great, and the video, for obvious reasons, looks fantastic. But on the other hand, is it too designed to be appealing? Is it too produced? If you look to the previous incarnation of the band, Demona Mortiss, this incarnation seems to be slightly toned down from the former vampiric gothic nature. It’s still darkly sexy though.

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You can order Star Blood here.


Released in 2016, Star Blood was written, produced, and recorded by Elena Vladi and Patrick Crisci. Originally premiered on, “Insidious” was directed by Elena Vladi, co-directed by Patrick Crisci, filmed by Patrick Crisci of and Vicente Cordero, and edited by Patrick Crisci.

Vocalist Elena Vladi explained the song:

This song tells a personal story of a toxic relationship between two people, when love becomes very much like a drug addiction that slowly destroys you but also keeps you blinded on the edge of being high and oblivious.

About Red Queen:

Red Queen is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Hollywood CA consisting of Elena Vladi (vocals, keys/synths) and Patrick Crisci(guitars, bass, keys/synth, drums), the two masterminds behind this project. The rest of the live band members are known as The Phantoms.

Red Queen released their first single “Naked” in January 2016, and their debut EP Star Blood was released on all major online retailers in April 2016. Star Blood was recorded and produced by Patrick Crisci at his home studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Star Blood features three new songs from Red Queen titled, “Naked,” “Insidious,” and “Alchemy,” and two old songs from Elena Vladi’s former band, Demona Mortiss. The old songs were re-recorded versions of “Star Ruby” and “Asyphyx,” which were originally written and recorded in 2011.

Red Queen is currently an independent, self-managed, and self-produced band. Red Queen is working hard to create new music and an amazing live show. Be on the lookout for a full-length album, new music videos, merch, and tour dates in 2017.

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