Groundhog — Six More Weeks Of Killing!

Groundhog, the upcoming B-movie horror from writer/director David McDonough, looks pretty confusing in the trailer, but hopefully it will make sense upon full viewing. We’re not sure when it will be released, but it should be sometime in 2017. As a bonus, Groundhog stars Richard Chandler, writer/director of Gilgamesh and Witch Hunt.



Witness a man, Logan Tanner. Who years ago, lost everything he holds dear, during the dawn of a long winter. Now, watch as the cracks begin to show. Until he reaches his breaking point. On a homicidal mission, slashing through everyone, and everything that gets in his way. Ensuring he reaches his ultimate goal, the death of the Groundhog! This year, the prediction will be six more weeks of killing. Groundhog! When winter ends, the killing begins!

groundhog box

Rock Hard \m/

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