The Wild! Release “Ready To Roll” Video

Damn! I’m ready to party like it’s the apocalypse!

Honestly, when the new music video for The Wild!’s track “Ready to Roll” started to play I was a little skeptical. Why? Because it seemed like generic bar rock from Canada. And it is, but I let it play on and the track ended up being full of fun party energy. Not to mention the incredible natural scenery. This is how the apocalypse should look.

Of the video, says frontman Dylan Villain:

When we made our first video, it was over the top and really turned a lot of heads. So we knew when we were making this one, we had to really step it up. From lighting guitars on fire, jumping off cliffs, guns, random explosions, excessive pyro, playing our instruments on top of a moving RV while ripping down a desert highway and then actually blowing up that RV with explosives… I’d say we did alright.

The Wild! will release Wild at Heart on February 17, 2017, via Entertainment One (eOne). The album was produced by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica, Airbourne, Aerosmith) at Armoury Studios in Vancouver.

Rock Hard \m/

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