Army Of The Universe “1999” – Genius Cheesy

I honestly didn’t think that I was going to like this. Really, a song about the year 1999 and the turn of a millennium and then what sounds like total rave music? Totally not my thing, and about 16 years too late.


But, in the spirit of fairness, I kept listening, and then something remarkable happened… I got hooked and couldn’t stop listening or feeling like a bobblehead. Truth is, underneath all that synth and electronic metal (although some are calling Army of the Universe industrial metal), “1999” one hell of a catchy tune.

“1999” can be found on Army of the Universe’s third studio album, 1999 & the Aftershow. The album can be purchased here.

Army of the Universe commented on the album:

We built 1999 & The Aftershow on modern sound design with inspiration from the dark wave, industrial, and underground scenes; we believe it’s our most diverse album to date.

Rock Hard \m/

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