Mandatory Metal: “The Decree of Theodoseus” From Krepitus

Get your horns up, your thrash metal heart beating, and your death dealings in order — it’s time to bang your fucking head to Krepitus and their new track, “The Decree of Theodoseus.” I suggest that you turn this up to 11 because this track is a piledriver of riffs an avalanche of drumming matched by muscle-car vocals.

Calgary, Canada-based Krepitus will unleash their debut album, “The Eyes of the Soulless,” on November 25th, which is where you’ll find the blistering track “The Decree of Theodoseus.”

And just to reiterate, this is dirty, balls-out, take-no-prisoners heavy fucking metal! If there’s anything that you need to breathe new life into your dying party, it’s this fucking track.

Pre-orders are available here.


Rock Hard \m/


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