Russia’s Katalepsy Is Crushing Brutality On Gravenous Hour


Moscow-based death metal merchants, Katalepsy have dropped their devastating new album, Gravenous Hour, which you can hear in its entirety here.

After a quick listen, I have to say that this is some killer death metal. It’s full of deep pockets, well-structured riffs that make you hungry like a cannibal, nice diversity among the instruments, ride cymbals that tease you like a crack pipe… the point is that Katalepsy is insanely awesome!

Gravenous Hour was captured at Cosmos Studios by Arkady Navaho (T.H.R.O.N., Obstetrical Palsy) with artwork by W. Smerdulak (Semargl, Blackthorn, Distant Sun, et al). Order Gravenous Hour on CD here.

About Katalepsy:

Katalepsy was formed in 2004. The band’s first demo, Femicide, brought the first victims to the altar of brutality, which strengthened the band to a point where they began playing live beyond the Moscow region. In 2007, they gave birth to Musick Brings Injuries, and blood was spilled in circle pits and mosh-battles throughout Russia, which led to the Triumph of Evolution three-way split CD with partners in crime Fleshrot and Blunt Force Trauma.

The split release gave the band opportunities to invade foreign lands on tour, beginning with a performance at Switzerland’s Mountains of Death Open Air in 2008, followed by raids all over Europe where shows and festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, and Finland became battlefields of unholy beatdowns to the band’s technical grooves.

In 2010, Katalepsy unleashed the Your Fear Is Our Inhabitancy EP followed by a three-week European tour, amidst a restructuring of the lineup, when the band caught the attention of Unique Leader Records, and inked a blood pact with the label. The signing was followed by the 2012 release of the band’s debut album, Autopsychosis, which was surrounded by widespread touring, and irreversibly brought a new horde of listeners into the band’s domain.


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