Sanzu Makes You Feel Bad About Your Consumerism On “Tailor”


Heavy Over the Home is the debut release from Perth, Australia’s Sanzu. Initially self-released in 2015, the album is now being re-issued worldwide via Listenable Records on CD and limited-edition orange vinyl. This updated version includes revised artwork as well as Snazu’s Painless EP serving as bonus tracks and will be available on May 13, 2016, in Europe followed by a North American release of May 20, 2016. Pre-orders are currently available here.

In advance of its release, a new lyric video for the track “Tailor” has hit the YouTubes, and you can catch social commentary in the player above.


Issues vocalist Zachary Andrews of the track’s lyrical components:

When I first heard this track, I was instantly struck by its mechanical sounding riffs. It sounded like archaic clock work to me. This gave me the strange mental image of the Seven Dwarfs gleefully working in unison, but inside some big evil factory in some twisted and grim setting. I started writing the lyrics for ‘Tailor’ set on condemning materialism and commercialism. This then led me to write a song about slave labor but halfway through I realized how hypocritical I was being when I looked back at all the stuff I use on a daily basis being rooted in that industry and culture. The song ended up taking a turn to be far more sarcastic than I had planned. I guess in the end I was purging some of my own guilt for buying crap that I don’t need and turning a blind eye to it when convenient.

Rock Hard \m/

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