Hammer Fight Delivers A Double-Bass Frenzy On “Good Times In Dark Ages”

hammer fight - good times in dark ages video

More Hammer Fight! You can’t go wrong with that. This time the brutal noise makers tackle world issues on “Good Times In Dark Ages,” so yes, the video for the track is graphic and violent, but it’s real and it’s real surprising how current it is.

As with the track itself, things take a turn for the “better” after the half-way mark. It’s at this point that the video turns away from being a standard performance video and turns its eye toward the issues at hand. Don’t get me wrong, I wish the world was a more peaceful place for us all, but praise has to be given to Hammer Fight for putting this shit in our face and hopefully starting a conversation.

As mentioned, the song also takes a turn after the half-way mark to become that much more aggressive and intense. Again, don’t get me wrong, it’s an unrelenting, double-bass frenzy through and through. Note, also, that there are tinges of hardcore in what is predominantly a thrash metal track… and that just equals awesome!

Hammer Fight’s Profound and Profane is out now and can be ordered here!

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