Italian Death Metalers, Deceptionist, Reveal Album Deets & Killer Album Art


Even if this was a boy band like One Direction, we’d have to post something about it because this album cover, created by Pär Olofsson (Abysmal Dawn, Cult of Luna, Deeds of Flesh, Exodus, et al.), is just so badass! One look and you can clearly you can see the inspiration from the Matrix, H.R. Giger, and Star Trek‘s Borg, and I’m sure many others that I’m forgetting.

Thankfully this isn’t a boy band, but rather a tech death metal band from Rome, Italy, that goes by the name Deceptionist.


The news today about the band is that they’ve inked a pact with Unique Leader Records. As the label now prepares to release the band’s Initializing Irreversible Process debut album late this spring, this week a video trailer (in the player above) and more info on the record has been issued.

Comments the band:

We’re really proud and excited to be part of the Unique Leader family. This label played a huge part in the death metal scene during the years and it’s absolutely the best label nowadays when it comes to brutal and technical death metal, that’s why we have no doubt Unique Leader is what fits best our sound!

Initializing Irreversible Process Track Listing:

1. It’s Just Begun
2. Through The Veil
3. Quest For Identity
4. When Humans Began To Be Machines
5. Final Innovation – Automatic Time
6. The Confession
7. Irreversible Process
8. Sunshine
9. Industrivolutionaction
10. Operator Nr 3

Unique Leader will release Initializing Irreversible Process on CD, LP, and Digital formats worldwide on June 17, 2016. Stand by for pre-order info and further samples of the album preceding its incursion.

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