All Hail The Yeti Make Another Horror Music Video! Watch “Before The Flames” With Yell!

We all know that the music video format has great potential, and it’s a too rare occurrence that a good, cinematic one is made. So, naturally, when a band like All Hail the Yeti put a ton of thought and effort into making a quality video, we have to share with our favorite people (that’s you, Yellers).

And now I’m obligating you to watch the new horror-themed video for All Hall the Yeti’s “Before the Flames,” which combines imagery from an orphanage, nuns, witches, and bloody sacrifice. What’s more, this isn’t the band’s first turn at blending heavy metal and horror; Yeti previously did the same in the video for “After the Great Fire.”

Both tracks can be found on Screams From a Black Wilderness come April 8th. Pre-orders are available here.

Rock Hard \m/

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