Will Mourinho Succeed Louis van Gaal at Old Trafford?


64 year old Dutch managed Louis van Gaal has is expected to leave Manchester United this season. His reasons are multiple, but most of them have to do with the pressure he’s under after spending £250 million on new faces this season. Besides, the struggles linked to the team might have taken toll on his health, as his family fears, so he seems to be better off ending his contract with the Red Devils early. But who will take his place?

Pep Guardiola was said to be one of the candidates, but he was grabbed by Manchester City at the beginning of the month. He has reportedly signed a three-year contact with the team. Other potential candidates, as listed by The Mirror, include Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone, current ManUtd number two Ryan Giggs and Valencia’s head coach Gary Neville. But the manager most likely to take the reins of the Red Devils is Jose Mourinho, recently sacked by Chelsea after a disastrous start to the Premier League. The odds of him taking over Old Trafford are 5/4 (according to The Mirror), especially since he plans to continue his career in England.

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Mourinho’s possible move to Old Trafford is predicted by BBC’s Dan Roan and Simon Stone, who write about talks held by the 53 year old manager and the team’s officials. Although it seems that no agreement has been reached at this time, but the negotiations have reportedly begun.

If Mourinho takes over Old Trafford… well, it will be an interesting situation. With Pep Guardiola signing with Manchester City, an old rivalry between the two managers could resume. The “relationship” between the two began back when Mourinho was just an assistant to Bobby Robson, and Guardiola was Barcelona’s captain, and went on through the times when the two were managers of competing teams, Barcelona
and Real Madrid. This year could see them in a similar position.

Manchester City’s signing of Guardiola is a statement, former pro Jamie Redknapp recently told Sky Sports. Now it’s Manchester United’s turn to go for Chelsea’s former boss, as a response, a reaction to the change. Redknapp considers Ryan Giggs to be a great manager, but not necessarily the right one to take on Guardiola. Old Trafford needs someone with “a proven track record of winning trophies”, and that this man has to be Jose Mourinho.

Manchester United has refused to comment on its ongoing negotiations with Mourinho.

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