New Year’s Resolution: I’ll Play More Online Games in 2016


I’m writing this article on the last day of 2015, hours before the midnight fireworks marking the start of 2016. It is a time for recollection, looking back on the year that will soon pass – and looking forward to a wild party later, with champagne, fireworks and loads of feelgood music. And a time for my first resolution – to play more online games in 2016.

I’ve been a hardcore gamer this year (actually, for quite a few years in the past). My video game collection has grown considerably, thanks in part of the release of some titles I’ve been expecting to play – like Fallout 4, for example. But my collection has been enriched with loads of classic titles, too – like System Shock II, thanks to a special offer at Steam. So, I always have something to turn to when trying to escape the boring world. And that’s a problem.

Most video games in my collection require quite a lot of dedication. You see, I love games that are story-driven. I sometimes get lost in other worlds, no matter if they are futuristic, fantasy or (post)apocalyptic. And I simply spend too much time playing my favorite games, exploring these worlds. At one point I felt myself losing the connection to reality. That has to stop.

In the new year I plan to spend less time playing – and for this, the best solution is to focus more on casual games. Not the usual social titles, though – those are far too addicting for me. So no Candy Crush next year, no Farmville or Harvest Swap. Instead, I’ve decided to go with something more “exotic” if you like – blackjack and slot machines. Preferably I play my favorite online games at the Royal Vegas Casino.

I have quite a few reasons why I’ve chosen Royal Vegas as my new favorite gaming destination in 2016. First of all, I love its simple, yet appealing design. It’s not as pompous as those at several of its competitors (or even sister casinos) I’ve stumbled upon. It’s mostly plain, mobile friendly, and has a lot of simplicity to it.

Second, I like its game variety. The Royal Vegas Casino has about three hundred games I can choose from – many blackjack variants, and even more slots. And the best part is that it allows me to play them without even creating an account. Its game library is right there on its front page, for anyone to try. Perfect for a casual gamer like I’m to become in 2016.

And last, but not least, I like the Royal Vegas blog. It is a medium through which the casino promotes its special offers and new games – well, mostly – but it also has a lot of interesting articles in it, but no ads whatsoever. This is a quality you can’t find in too many blogs, which are most made for making money.

Becoming a casual player, reducing the time dedicated to video games, is just one of my New Year’s resolutions. What was yours?

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