Rob Zombie To Release First Full Song From “The Electric Warlock” In January

Besides re-cutting his new horror film 31 for an R rating, Rob Zombie is also prepping to release the first full song for his forthcoming metal album, The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser. That’s right! On January 11, 2016, expect a single to be out accompanied by a killer new video.

Rob told Louder Noise,

It’ll probably come out in March, because what I wanna do is I wanna do a very large visual component to go with the record — shoot thirteen videos, or shoot a movie go with it. And because of [Zombie’s upcoming sixth live-action feature film, a horror thriller called] ’31’, I couldn’t get to that yet. So I’m gonna do that probably in January, so we’ll put it out soon after that.

He continued,

I love it. I mean, I really like the record. The last record was my favorite record in a long time. ‘Cause I had kind of hit a low with making records. It just kind of got boring; I hated being in the studio, and I kind of got reinspired on the last record. And this sort of follows up on it. So I think that, much like ’31’… You just have those things in your career where you’re, like, they all can’t be the best one. With records, sometimes you have those moments where you can tell, ‘This one’s special.’ And that’s how it feels.

The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser is due out some time in March 2016. If things go as planned for Rob, each song on the album (rumored 13 songs) could have its own video component, or a movie will be shot for the entire album, which would be pretty rad!

If you missed the latest album teaser, then hit the play button on the video right above.

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