It’s All Red Change The Pace On “Propagates The Rage” [VIDEO]

The song is cool, even if the band looks bored as hell playing it in their new video. “Propagates the Rage,” from Brazillian heavy metal outfit, It’s All Red, starts out with a pretty classic modern-era sound; it’s punchy, riff-driven, and full of clean production and great tones. Things settle a bit when the vocals come in, which are surprisingly delivered at a slow, languid pace. It’s actually a really nice switch that we’re not so used to these days, but it takes a few listens to fully appreciate.


On first listen, however, it feels like things don’t really hit a groove until the tracks last quarter. That’s when things escalate vocally and minor, melodic solos kick in.

Check out the video for yourself in the player above and let us know what you think in the comments section below!


“Propagates the Rage” can be found on the band’s latest, and third, album, Lead by the Blind.

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