Lots Of Zombie Gore In Teenage Bottlerocket’s “Dead Saturday” Video

Teenage Bottlerocket is one hell of a band! I’ve got their Total and Warning Device albums and both of them totally kick ass.

So it gives me some faux pride and great pleasure to present their zombie-themed video and track, “Dead Saturday!” The track is fantastic, an exceptional pop punk rocker, and the video, holy shit! Lots of blood and tons of zombie biting, and you can’t dislike the fact that Blue from Masked Intruder gets to be zombie food! Even if it’s just a likeness.

Check out the zombie love in the player above.

“Dead Saturday” can be found on Teenage Bottlerocket’s latest album, Tales From Wyoming (March 31, 2015). The album, which was recorded by Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, Decendents, Akaline Trio, Hot Water Music) can be ordered here.

Rock Hard \m/

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