Shining Fight To A Gory, Bloody Finish In “The Last Stand” [VIDEO]

You can’t go wrong with a heavy metal track and a corresponding video with a graphic theme! And while I have no idea what “blackjazz” is (other than part of the album’s title), I dig Shining’s newest offering, “The Last Stand.” The majority of the song sounds like a version of Nine Inch Nails, and I suppose the “jazz” part of the band’s given genre comes from the saxophone solo mid-song, which, again with the jazz element, reminds me of a Roger Corman flick, and that’s perfect given the horror we see in the bloody violent video. Watch the blood flow in the player above.

“The Last Stand” can be found on the album, International Blackjazz Society, and it can be ordered here.

Here’s a bit more detail about what’s going on in the video, which depicts a fight to the finish, giving us a rare glimpse into the mythology and values of the International Blackjazz Society (hint, it’s more than just fightin’):

In the video, directed by Mitch Massie, who created clips for The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Locust, we witness the ritualistic fight of a society member, attempting to advance to the highest rank within the organization.

As symbols of their respective membership, levels are painted in blood on the backs of each contender.

Our hero, belonging to the Level 5 ‘Cikada’ part of the Middle Echelon, needs to defeat his opponent, who belongs to ‘1:4:9’ Level 9 and is, therefore, part of the Upper Echelon of the IBS, in order to achieve the highest rank of the Society.

The video concludes by demonstrating how the legendary and honorable ‘1375’ rank is attained; our hero faces and fulfills the virtuous deed of sacrificing one’s own life… under the axe.

Rock Hard \m/

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