Disturbing Video Of The Day: Abigail Williams’ “Nuumite”


Occult heavy metal band, Abigail Williams, will issue its new album, The Accuser, on October 30th (Candlelight Records), which is a penultimate date for a release from this band. As part of the lead up to the drop date, the band has launched the graphic and explicit music video for the album’s closer, the soothing and almost ’80s-era new wave “Nuummite.”

Mike Dickinson directed the video and the inherent contradiction of violence and a beautiful melody really messes messes with your head. Does it make the graphic nature of the video any more palatable? Decide that for yourself.

If you got the stomach for it, watch in the player above!

The video is a definite candidate for an update to our Explicit Videos article, with the images of leprosy, feet being chopped off, a woman cutting her face off, decomposing corpses being hacked apart, and so, so, so much more.

In case you’re wondering about the meaning of “Nuummite”: Known as the Sorcere’s Stone, “Nuummite” is believed to draw from the fiery energies of ancient Earth and combines with the elements of Storm.


The Accuser can be pre-ordered here.

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