Dangerous Men (2005) Movie Review – It’s So Bad, You Gotta Watch It!



Directed by John S. Rad Written by John S. Rad
Starring Melody Wiggins, Kelay Miller, Bryan Jenkins

80 mins - Action - Release date: 13 November 2015 (Re-release)

The story behind John S. Rad’s Dangerous Men only adds to the enigmatic film. Basically, this backstory sees Iranian filmmaker Rad come to the U.S. and obsess over this project for the better part of two decades, handling just about every duty in making the film, including directing, writing, location scouting, producing, executive producing, and more. With so much time and dedication, Dangerous Men must be the best film ever, right?


This movie is terrible, and yet, it compels you to watch. In fact, you can’t look away. Whether or not that’s a result of the terrible acting, the horrible audio mix, the oddly awesome mid-’80s synth score, the rough scene cuts, or the climax and conclusion having very little to nothing to do with the plot is up to you, but I dare you to look away.

Truth be told, a lot of you will just shut this movie off, but those of you who don’t, you’ll have an endless parade of inside jokes to share… especially if you like your movies with a bit of herb!

As the story goes, we have Mira (Melody Wiggins) and her boyfriend, Daniel (Kelay Miller), asking Mira’s much-too-young father for his permission to get married. Naturally, Mira being almost 30, her father gives his blessing. Then, after a series of cheesy romantic-type scenes, Mira and Daniel are attacked by a couple of horny rapist bikers, and in his noble attempt to defend his fiancee Daniel is stabbed and dies. Well, this triggers an almost Maniac type of reaction in Mira, sending her on a killing spree to eliminate all the scummy men she comes across.

Yes, it’s all very campy and cliche, which is cool; I like campy and cliche. I didn’t expect gore or horror going into it, so Dangerous Men wasn’t disappointing when it didn’t deliver either. I was, however, hoping for some bad late ‘80s action choreography (being the only reason for reviewing it on Yell! Magazine), but it didn’t really deliver on that front either.

What’s left is a movie with some mild violence and an ending that barely has anything to do with what it was building toward.

The Verdict:

Dangerous Men isn’t the worst movie ever made, but it certainly isn’t anything to write home about. Would I recommend it for a Yell! Magazine reader? Nope. Would I recommend it for shits ‘n’ giggles and a common narrative among friends? You betcha.

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