Salems Lott Aim To Shock And Please! Watch “S.S. (Sonic Shock)” [VIDEO]

Southern California’s shock-rock outfit, Salems Lott, plays a New York gutter-punk-tinged brand of something that borders on glam and thrash metal anointed with elements black metal… at least that’s what I’m hearing on their newest track, “S.S. (Sonic Shock).” Check out the track’s official video in the player above.

If you watched the video, you no doubt witnessed the band’s exceptional look, which is a deliberate attempt to shock, which was admitted to by singer/guitarist Jett Black with Noisey:

Well basically Salems Lott is a project in the sense that it’s trying to embody the band that we never saw on stage. We’re trying to mix aggression, speed, power, and we’re trying to mix it in a way that people haven’t seen it before. You’ll notice that there’s a strong visual aspect as well.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly seen this type of image before, i.e., KISS, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P., etc. It’s been done before, but maybe the members of Salems Lott never had the chance to see any of those bands perform. At any rate, what might be most shocking about “S.S. (Sonic Shock)” is the chanting of “S.S.,” which in my mind conjures thoughts about the Nazi Germany.

Whatever the band is doing, it seems to be working; since their inception in 2013, they’ve sold out such esteemed venues as House of Blues, The Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy, and Viper Room countless times. Notably, Salems Lott have been banned from the Viper Room twice, sort of. As well, this band is giving heavy metal a healthy dose of attitude, which is so desperately needed.

Read all about Salems Lott and their summative successes via Noisey here.

See Salems Lott Live:

Oct. 26 – w/ Loudness @ Whisky A Go Go

Rock Hard \m/

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