Ronda Rousey Reacts To Nick Diaz’ Five Year Suspension [VIDEO]

Like many, Ronda Rousey isn’t happy with the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) for banning Nick Diaz for five years because of a failed UFC 183 post-fight drug test for marijuana metabolites. During a UFC 193 pre-fight press conference in Australia, Rousey got fired up over the decision and ripped the NAC apart, in particular, for giving Diaz a longer suspension than Anderson Silva, who tested positive for steroids and only got a one-year suspension.

Rousey said,

It’s so not right for him to be suspended five years for marijuana, I’m against them testing for weed at all. It’s not a performance-enhancing drug. It has nothing to do with athletic competition. It’s only tested for political reasons. They say, ‘Oh, it’s only for your safety to keep you from hurting yourself because you’re out there.’ Why don’t they test for all of the other things that could possibly hurt us?

She added,

Nick is a very close and dear friend of mine, so of course I’m going to defend him, but it’s so unfair if one person tests for steroids that could actually hurt a person and the other person smokes a plant that makes him happy and he gets suspended for five years.

Diaz’s suspension is retroactive to fight night and he was also fined $150,000 — 33% of his $500,000 UFC 183 fight purse at a hearing on Monday, in Las Vegas.

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