Bleach Everything Draws Inspiration From Alien On “Facehugger”

Bleach Everything has unleashed their first proper 7″ EP, Free Inside, and have released the track “Facehugger” for your rabid consumption. Clearly a track dedicated to the terrors of the Alien movies, it’s also a full-throttle punk/hardcore rager.

Frontman Brent Eyestone discussed the track with Rue Morgue:

I believe we’ve always opened with this song live to set a specific tone. I absolutely encourage the people that put on our records or come to see us live to enter into a headspace where everything sounds and appears like all the support beams are snapping, violent aliens are picking apart every human onboard, and utter madness is ensuing. The goal is thrilling, cathartic entertainment in a musical form akin to every badass horror and action movie ever made. In my mind the chaos that always ensues in a great space terror film is consistent with the delivery method and response I’d like to foster in getting our creative ideas across with this band. Just as there are tried and true tropes within the subgenres of subgenres in film, the same can be said for the call and response for music that operates within small subgenres of music that tends to be short, fast, loud, and violent-sounding.


The Free Inside 7″ is out now via Magic Bullet Records, available on both clear and black wax available here, and available for download here, and through all major digital outlets.

Rock Hard \m/

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