[PIC] Rob Zombie Reveals “One Of The Good Guys” From 31

Jeff Daniel Phillips

A while ago, the legendary musician turned director, Rob Zombie, revealed an image featuring the good guys in his upcoming Halloween-set horror film, 31. Today, Rob shares another one with a very familiar face. That’s right! It’s Jeff Daniel Phillips from Lords of Salem as Roscoe. Although details about his character are unknown, we can at least assume he’ll have to fight his way out of Murder World because he appears to be one of the five random people kidnapped on the five days leading up to Halloween. I just think Roscoe may need more than a crowbar to survive the madness lead by Father Napoleon-Horatio-Silas Murder (Malcolm McDowell).

Rob Zombie’s 31 is still being filmed, so we’ll continue to bring you further updates at a later date. Stay tuned to Yell! Magazine.

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