Hammercult Streams New Track, “Spoils Of War”



Israel’s Hammercult are now streaming a new track from their new album, Built for War (September 4th), “Spoils of War.” Head on over to decibelmagazine.com to check out the track and let us know what you think of the thrasher.

Vocalist Yakir Von Hammer comments on the Build for War‘s sound:

Every song on the album is the kind of pumping anthem which Hammercult are known for – but this time we’ve taken the songs to different places, with a more melodic and more original approach, which really stands out. The vocals on Built for War are very unique and range from screams to growls, hardcore shouts to clean vocals – which I honestly believe has never been done before by a single performer. If I had to summarize Built for War in a single sentence it would be ‘Destruction meets Manowar in an explosive mix of extreme music and true metal.’

If you like what you hear, pre-order Built for War here.

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