We Talked To An Asgardian, Thor, At Fantasia 2015 About “I Am Thor” And A New Album!

What do you hope audiences gain from watching I Am Thor?
If you have a dream, never give up on that dream.

Did you ever break any teeth or injure yourself bending metal on stage?
Yeah. I busted teeth doing the metal bending. I’ve spat ‘em out on stage. My stunts, or strength feats, were real. I didn’t fake them, they were real things. I learned how to bend steel with Doug Hepburn, who was the world’s strongest man at one time; he taught me how to bend steel. He used to bend railway spikes and dimes, but I could never perfect that.

In the trailer there’s a short clip of you with Gene Simmons; can you tell us about that meeting, if you remember?
We opened for them at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1976, in Toronto, so that’s backstage. Gene Simmons is a pretty amazing guy. He’s done a lot of great, innovative things with marketing, I think.

You were at the screening for Jason Lei Howden’s Deathgasm last night; care to share your thoughts on that?
I think the movie is going to go a long way. It’s a genre that hits a teenage market and that’s a strong market. The demographics for that are great. It’s sort of a perception of how, you know, young teenagers these days weren’t there in my time, but sort of how they see things with heavy metal. I think it’s going to help bring heavy metal back. I was quite surprised how good that movie was.

You re-released Only the Strong last year, and Aristocrat of Victory only the year prior, is there a plan to release another album of new material in the near future?
We also re-released Unchained. See, I just signed a contract with Cleopatra records and they’re re-releasing a lot of the back catalog to familiarize the new generation with Thor. We just finished a new album in Los Angeles that’s going to have quite a few guests on it. For example, we got “Fast” Eddie Clarke from Motorhead, there’s Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister, Richie Stotts from The Plasmatics, Henry Rollins. We’re really excited about this album, and it’s coming out to go along with the movie in November.

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Is there an album title?
It’s called Metal Avenger. I’m also fighting the good fight for metal and I get by with a little help from my friends, right? It’s produced by Bruce Duff and Frank Myer. It was just a great atmosphere being in Los Angeles and having everybody just pop into the studio. I think it’s probably one of the best albums I’ve ever done!

Rock Hard \m/

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