Paz De La Huerta Files A Lawsuit Against Nurse 3D For Ruining Her Career

Paz De La Huerta

The snazzy New York actress Paz De La Huerta who got her first notable movie role in Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void is now filling a lawsuit against the makers of Nurse 3D because she believes the horror film caused her stock to drop in Hollywood. Apparently, Nurse 3D was so bad that Paz claims before making the movie she use to earn $2 million a year in the industry, and is now seeing $55 million in damages.

According to Paz via TMZ, some of the reasons her performance sucked in Nurse 3D was because the director hired an actress to dub her voice for a few scene after she suffered an injury while shooting a scene. Paz says she suffered a spinal fracture during an ambulance scene and told movie execs she was going to file a worker’s comp claim. This triggered a problem for the director and everything went downhill from there.

Although, not regarded as the worse film ever made, Nurse 3D simply tanked. It only made $5k on opening weekend. The movie was directed by Douglas Aarniokoski and also stars Katrina Bowden and Judd Nelson.

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