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Formed in 2015, supergroup Saint Asonia is about to release their self-titled debut album on July 31, 2015, and so far things sound absolutely amazing and as if the stars aligned for this project to happen. At least the latter part is the feeling we had after chatting with frontman, and former Three Days Grace vocalist, Adam Gontier. Comprised of Gontier, Mike Mushok (Staind), Rich Beddoe (ex-Finger Eleven), and Corey Lowery (Eye Empire), Gontier is excited about this project and promises many more future albums.

The album itself is a cathartic letting go of emotions, as the previously released singles, “Better Place” and “Blow Me Wide Open,” have already indicated.

Find out more about this exciting new band in our interview with Gontier.

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Saint Asonia can be pre-ordered here.

So, the debut Saint Asonia album is nearing its release, but you’ve already played Rock on the Range; how was the audience response?
It’s been great so far, man! Rock on the Range was our first show and the fan reaction was incredible.

How are the nerves leading up to the album’s July 31st release?
I think I’m more excited than anything. Definitely not nervous. I feel like we’ve made the best record we could and we’re really proud of it and really happy with it. I have the feeling that fans are going to really like the entire record. I have a lot of faith in the record. I hope people enjoy it.

For those that don’t know, can you tell us how this project came to be?
When I left my old band, Three Days Grace, Mike Mushok was one of the first guys to sort of reach out to me; he wanted to get together just to do some writing. He didn’t really have any intention of creating a band or making a record for that matter. But we just sat together and wrote three songs very seamlessly, we got along really well, we just hit it off, and we ended up writing 10, 11 songs together. The next step was, obviously, let’s go to the studio. He wasn’t busy, I wasn’t busy, so that’s kind of the way it started.


In 2013, there was talk of a solo album from you; is that still in the works?
No. This is my project. Back then I did start to do some solo shows, but when this opportunity came along I wasn’t going to turn it down. Yeah, no solo stuff, it’s all Saint Asonia and we’re gonna put out a lot of records; we’ll be around for a while.

Can you talk about the writing and recording process? Were you sending MP3s to each other or writing in the same room?
A little of both. We got together a few times, basically playing songs, and Mike had a ton of music and I had a ton of songs, so we just got together in hotel rooms or his place or my place and we just worked as hard as we could on the songs. At the same time, yeah, we were sending MP3s back and forth when we couldn’t get together. But the song-writing process was a lot different than what I’m used to; there’s no pre-production really going into making the record. We just went into the studio with what we had and we just basically did it on the fly. It’s all very raw, real, emotional, and it’s straight from our hearts.

Sounds very organic.
Yeah, absolutely. There’s no filters that we had to run through before. We just laid down what we wanted to.

Where did the name Saint Asonia come from?
It’s actually funny and kind of ironic. The word “asonia” means to be tone deaf, or only to be able to hear certain pitches. So, I always thought that would be a great name for a band. And then somebody suggested putting the word “Saint” in front of it.

A lot of the tracks feel cathartic and about ending relationships and begining new ones; can you comment on that?
To me that’s pretty much what this entire record is about. “Better Place” being the first single, the main reason we released that song is because it’s a great representation of what we are as a band and where I am as a person and musician in my life. I’m in the best place I could possibly be and the best place I’ve ever been in. In the last couple of years there’s been a lot of stuff I’ve had to deal with, but just being able to overcome all that and being able to write about it now is amazing.

Is there someone in particular that you were thinking of with regard to the lyrics of “Better Place”?
There are definitely songs about ex relationships and ex colleagues. If you don’t have any inspiration, you can’t really make stuff up. It’s all really right from the heart; it’s all stuff that I’ve experienced in the last little while.

I get a bit of a Clutch vibe from that track, was there any sort of influence from them during the writing process?
Not really. Great band, but I never got into them. I think the other guys, I’m sure Mike and Rich and Corey are fans for sure, but as for me it’s not a band I’ve listened to that much.

Also, “Let Me Live My Life” has a bit of a Celtic vibe to it; was that intentional or pure accident?
No, but we did realize it once we got Rich to lay down some drums and the bass already had that Celtic stomp for sure.

You’re sorely missed by some Three Days Grace fans, do you have any regrets about leaving?
No, I don’t have any regrets about leaving. That was something I had to do for my own well-being, and I tried not to be too selfish about it and I hope people understand it. I always thought I was going to come back with another record soon, and it’s been a couple years, but I think the fans of my old band will really dig this stuff. Hopefully, and potentially more so. It’s definitely heavier than anything I’ve sang on in the past, and some lighter stuff than I’ve sang on in the past too, so it’s pretty cool.

I’m sure that your fans would also want me to ask how your health is?
I’m great! I’m totally 100% happy and healthy. I got married to my soulmate in March this past year, and I just made a new record. I couldn’t be happier. I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

You’re touring throughout August, and then you have a break in September before heading back out. What’s going on in September, and what are the plans for the fall?
The long-term goal is to continue touring and playing shows, non-stop; that’s what we want to do, that’s what we love to do. So, this month of August we’re going to headline clubs. And I think in September we’re working on setting something up. I think that might be a co-headliner with another band that’s friend of ours. Hopefully in October and November we’ll continue to tour.

Who would that possible co-headliner be with?
We’re still working on it. There are a couple of bands that we’re talking with about it, so there’s nothing solid yet, but I’m pretty sure it will happen.

Any idea when the next single will be released and which track it is?
I might take a guess at “Let Me Live My Life.” That feels like it could be a nice song for the radio and hopefully people enjoy it.

Is there any band or artist that you dream of collaborating with?
Yeah, there’s a few, for sure. I’ve been a big Deftones fan since a super early age, so I’d love to tour with Deftones or Incubus or A Perfect Circle. Any of those bands. Nine Inch Nails. I mean, I just love so many bands and there are so many great artists out there.

Thanks for chatting with me today.
Yeah, man, of course, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time and the support!

Rock Hard \m/

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