Butcher Babies Unleash “Monsters Ball” Music Video

They’re gimmicky as hell and musically they make my ears bleed because it’s generic heavy metal, but I must admit the Butcher Babies are great at what they do and it sounds like they still have a huge fan base to keep them alive. Which means the Butcher Babies will continue to ride out their heavy metal journey for a very long time, or at least until their tits fall off.

Anyhow, the Butcher Babies are set out to drop their second studio album, titled Take It Like a Man, on August 21, 2015, via Century Media Records. It’s an album produced by Logan Mader, who has previously worked with Five Finger Death Punch, Devildriver, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Gojira.

A brand new song, “Monsters Ball,” has been released from the Los Angeles-based metallers and can now be streamed above. According to vocalist Heidi Shepherd, the song has had a great reception from the crowd on their recent tour:

We wrote that song about the pit, actually, it’s called ‘Monsters Ball.’ That’s what it is out there. All of us are just like monsters running around. There’s a line that says, ‘The broken limbs are leaving the match. A ringmaster’s itch for a mass to scratch.’ It’s just… We’re all out there kind of doing the exact same thing. ‘Over the edge, you take the decadent fall.’ That’s when kids come over the edge for crowdsurfing and stuff. But it’s just, like, in the end, you can’t stop moving. All of us, we grew up in the pit. All of us felt the exact same thing. And when you’re out there and you’re feeling it, [starts chanting], ‘You can’t stop moving; no, you can’t stop moving; no, you can’t stop…

If you love aggressive heavy metal, then Take it like a Man is for you.

The majority of the album is very aggressive thrash metal, said Carla Harvey. On this album, we wanted to go back to our roots, which were aggressive thrash, and 90% of the album is that.

Enjoy the music video!

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