Essence Offers Album Teaser

essence 2015 promo pic

Hailing from Denmark, Essence have revealed details about their forthcoming album, Prime, which includes an album teaser that you can listen to above. The album hits the streets on October 2nd.

Now, the promo material that with their third album, Essence narrows “the gap between the poppy energy of The Offspring and the youthful vehemence of early Metallica and Slayer.” Listening to the teaser, yeah, I can see that, although none of it is done as well as the legends mentioned. What’s not mentioned is the similarities to Volbeat in certain parts. While it all sounds catchy and fun to listen to, it leaves me wondering what direction this band wants to go in.

Have a listen and let us know what you think.

“No Sleep ‘Till Def,” the first instant grat track, lands on July 17th, while the lead single and video for “Untouchable” will land in August.

Prime Track Listing:

1. Refuse to Exist
2. Thunder Prayer
3. No Sleep ‘Till Def
4. Heart of Gold
5. Modern Heroes
6. Untouchable
7. Flawless
8. Prime
9. Watch it Burn
10. Triumph

Rock Hard \m/

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