In Defence Wages War Against Pizza On “Tacos Til Death”

in defence - dont fuck with the dungeon master - album cover

It’s real thrash metal with a ton of tongue-in-cheek humor in it, and “Tacos Til Death” is the proof. The latest track to be released from Minneapolis, Minnesota’s thrashiest troublemakers, In Defence, is a true ripper, and any fan of thrash will undoubtedly be proud of this one. Go check out “Tacos Til Death” at New Noise Magazine. The track comes from the band’s upcoming album, Don’t Fuck With The Dungeon Master, which will be independently released on June 16th. Album pre-orders can be made here.

We might not agree wholeheartedly, but here’s what the band had to say about the track:

This song is a declaration of war against the pizza-loving industry, and their efforts to brainwash the masses into buying that abomination that they still have the audacity to call ‘food’ will no longer be tolerated. For far too long the taco has been belittled and under-represented. This will go on no longer. Today is our day. We are legion. Tacos Till Death.

In Defence Live Dates:

9/10-12/2015 Full Terror Assault Fest – Cave-In Rock, IL w/ Napalm Death, Obituary, Terrorizer, Eyehategod

Rock Hard \m/

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