The Badger Game (2014) Movie Review – It’s A Grifters Reference



Directed by Joshua Wagner, Thomas Zambeck Written by Joshua Wagner, Thomas Zambecks
Starring Augie Duke, Patrick Cronen, Jillian Leigh, Sam Boxleitner, Sasha Higgins

99 mins - Horror | Comedy | Thriller - Release date: 5 May 2015

Forget the scorned wife, she’s not important here. Besides, we’ve all seen that revenge story before. Get the jilted mistress involved, her brother, another mistress who happens to be a stripper, and, finally, another young woman to use as bait, and now you’ve got a story.

Oh, did I neglect to mention that the four characters mentioned above will also need to kidnap and torture the adulterer in an effort to extort $2 million from him? OK, they need to do that and then they’ll have the story you crave.

And that’s essentially the premise of The Badger Game, written and directed by Joshua Wagner, Thomas Zambeck. So many things were done right on this project that to try to list them all would take far too long. I will say that this indie movie was masterfully executed and highly stylized, but above all everything, from the story to the effects, was kept simple — and that’s why it all works so well instead of getting bogged down by its own lag.

The color palette, with seemingly muted pastels and an almost ‘70s feel, suits The Badger Game’s dark and twisted humor too. The humor doesn’t just shine through the dialog, but the animal masks used to conceal the abductors’ identities is used to great effect: “You’re the frog.” Surprisingly, those masks can convey emotions and you can sometimes feel what’s going on behind them.

the badger game

Of course, when things start to go wrong you can’t help but to roll your eyes in approval. But the script and the actors don’t miss a beat, which makes The Badger Game that much more enjoyable.

The Verdict:

If you’ve been scorned by a lover recently and you’re in the mood for some comeuppance, then The Badger Game might be just the remedy you need. The torture is light, so if you don’t mind some induced vomiting and hemophilic bleeding, you’ll do just fine. There’s no great mystery here or much else to think about other than who’s going to make the popcorn, so go ahead and enjoy this one.

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