Rosewood “Crown” – Small Children Beware [VIDEO]

Hailing from Ontario and Quebec, death metal/deathcore outfit Rosewood deliver a powerful metal assault with unapologetic reverence. They’re heavy, and they don’t give a fuck how many small children they crush with the weight of their thunderous bass, chugging and distorted riffs, or throat-ripping vocals.

Check out their occultish video for “Crown” in the player above to get an earful of their fearless brutality. While listening, you’ll notice a sorely missed guitar solo, however, Rosewood does incorporate an uncommon synth to the mix that adds a nice bit of diversity to their sound and the genre they operate within. You might also notice a Pantera influence underneath all the death; I thought I did anyway.

I’d give you more information about the band, but unfortunately I’m not able to find much out there. From what I can gather on their Facebook page, their latest album is called We the Apocalypse, and I have no doubt that with a little bit of effort a truly interested fan could find where to make that purchase. If the band gets back to me, I’ll be sure to update you with the logistics.

Rock Hard \m/

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