After Midnight (2014) Review – A Stripped-Down Mystery



Directed by Fred Olen Ray Written by Andrew Helm, Fred Olen Ray
Starring Catherine Annette, Tim Abell, Richard Grieco, Tawny Kitaen

Mystery - Release date: 28 October 2014 (VOD)

Directed by Fred Olen Ray (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Scalps, Evil Toons), After Midnight is far from entering the horror genre, but it is a mystery with murder, strippers, and a twist.

If you’re wondering about the part involving strippers, yes, there are lots of boobs on display in this little flick. In fact, that’s what this movie features almost more than anything else… and, honestly, I’m OK with that, especially since the actresses are actually pretty good looking.

While strippers play an important role in the film, as they provide clues and are suspects, they aren’t what After Midnight is about. As mentioned, this is a murder mystery, and a fairly thin one at best. The movie is as the description states:

When an exotic dancer is murdered at a seedy strip club, her sister Constance (Kitaen, Bachelor Party, Witchboard), a TV newscaster, goes undercover to find the killer. While working at the club, she quickly realizes that everyone is a suspect and that other dancers are being targeted. She must work fast to find the killer to seek her revenge before she becomes the next target.


And that’s really about it, except for the twist that is fairly obvious, but not outright spelled out as they often are in low-budget affairs. But, while the story is simple, the acting isn’t half bad. Actually, the acting is above average for this type of movie. Don’t get me wrong, no one is winning an Oscar, but the cast is competent and likeable. The box says that the stars are Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street, A Night at the Roxbury, If Looks Could Kill) and Tawny Kitaen (of Whitesnake video fame), but they really only have supporting roles and are grossly underused. Tawny especially as she plays the fun den mother of the strip joint.

Maybe Kitaen could have pulled out some of these moves for the movie!

The Verdict:

If the script had been ironed out a bit more this could have been a really, really good movie. As it is, however, After Midnight serves as a fun way to spend your Friday night… it’s definitely cheaper than heading out for a seat on perverts row!

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